Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

I wish I could say something about myself like I was born on a mountain top in Tennessee when in reality I was born and raised in Helena, Montana. For a great amount of my life I have always enjoyed working with photography. In college, I took a black and white photography course from Rudy Dietrich and I was hooked. This was probably the leading factor for my vast interest in the world of printmaking research.

I have become further intrigued and set about to do a self critique of my own work. Slowly and carefully I amassed a good number which eventually became my first self publishing entitled Western Traditions. Through the encouragement of my select models my work has expanded over these many years. For my photographs of brandings are not Stetson brandings where everything is posed and planned for mine are just the common working man brandings.

My other areas of interest have always included wildlife and especially bird hunting. Even in those areas I have my favorite models there as well who put up with my use of the camera beyond my shotgun or compound bow.

My Photography

I am not going to be a “work for hire” photographer for it takes out all of my editing controls and creativity.
Simply taking my memory card out of my cameras and handing it away is not my intentions with my photography.
My time of shooting an event, returning to the studio for editing of literally thousands of photographs all takes time and effort.
I have a love for my work, a zeal for my work, but I also have standards.


View high resolution images of works by Gary L. Temple when available.