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Often when we are working with an art collector we will find that they also have many other interests and those usually fall under the category of collectibles.

A favorite story on one of my clients was that they had thought about selling some of their art collection but just had a few other things to show me. This brief showing ended up to be an extensive collection of beadwork, beaded gauntlets, an English fly rod and reel, two exquisite shotguns from England and Sweden, a pearl handled 38 Colt revolver with holster and money belt, and numerous other momentoes.

So collectibles are where you find them . . .

View high resolution images of works by Collectibles and Ephemera when available.

"Buffalo Herd, Flathead Valley"
by H. Schnitzmeyer

"1931 Sheridan Wyo Rodeo Poster"

"1931 Sheridan Wyo Rodeo Poster"

"Hitched Horse Hair Headstall, Bridle and Reins"
(Horse Hair)

"Reprint of Bill Gollings"

"1928 PK Rodeo" by O'Neill

"1931 Sheridan Rodeo" by O'Neill

"July 1951; Max Brand's Western Magazine"
(Original and Magazine Cover)

"Heiser Batwing Chaps"

"Heiser Gun Scabbard"

"The Toggery Shop Garment Box"

"#57-2 Buffalo Grazing The Big Open"

"George Lawrence Cartridge Belt"

"Away Out West In Wyoming" Sheet Music Cover
(Line Lithograph)

"George Lawrence Ranger Belt"

"1928 PK Rodeo" by O'Neill (Damaged Corner)

"Rawhide Quirt made by Carl Lithander"

"1939 Sheridan-Wyo-Rodeo" Counter Display, wing support missing

"1940's Barnegat Bay Brant Call"
from the collection of Bob Elgas.

"Great Falls Sporting Goods Co. Christmas Card"

"1950's Barnegat Bay Brant Call"
from the collection of Bob Elgas

"... because somebody talked!'
(Reproduction from World War II)

"P. K. Rodeo 1929 Sheridan Wyo"
Fuller Studio

"Letter to Harold Ruth
on March 15, 1968"

"Montana Roundup"

"Untitled-Mule ride into the Grand Canyon; August 6, 1950" by the Kolb Brothers Studio including envelope

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