Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Levon West (1900-1968)
The son of a minister, Levon West was born in Centerville, South Dakota in 1900. He attended the the University of Minnesota, 1920- 24, and the Art Student's League in 1925. He was a student of Joseph Pennell, 1925-26. In 1930, after several years abroad, where he visited Spain and Switzerland, West returned to the United States.

A great admirer of Whistler, West created his own "Venice Set" in 1931, along with a series of five etchings of native life in Hudson Bay. The following year, West was made Guest Artist by the State of Colorado. He completed a series of etchings and watercolors on Western ranch life and went on to do a series on Bermuda. An accomplished photographer, West went on assignment for"The Saturday Evening Post", "Rodeo", "Dude Ranching", and other publications. He wrote books on etching and photography. His nom de camera was Ivan Dmitri. West died in 1968.

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