Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Dwight Case Sturges (1874-1940)
Dwight Case Sturges 'Dwight Sturges': One of the most acclaimed American etchers of the early twentieth century, Dwight Case Sturges studied at the Cowles Art School in Boston. Most of Sturges's early art was in the medium of oil painting. Beginning around 1910, however, he devoted himself almost exclusively to the art of original etching. Many awards soon followed, most notably from the Chicago Society of Etchers and at the Pan Pacific Exposition in San Francisco in 1915. Dwight Sturges was a full member of the Chicago Society of Etchers, the Canadian Society of Etchers, the Concord Art Association and the American Federation of Arts. Many major American museums now include examples of his etched art in their collections, such as the Institute of Chicago, the New York Public Library, the Farnsworth Art Museum, the Fogg Museum, the Toledo Museum, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Library of Congress, in Washington.During the 1920's era, Dwight C. Sturges gained a strong international reputation for both his figure studies and landscapes. During this decade his original etchings were published by the influential Kennedy Galleries, Fifth Avenue, New York. All were published in editions of 100 or less. Sturges's fine etchings were thus exhibited frequently in both England and France.
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