Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Ray Siggins
(June 9, 1905-June 9, 1985)

Raymond Benson Siggins, Jr. was born in Clark, Louisiana on June 9, 1905 to Raymond and Elizabeth Siggins. Ray, Sr. and his brother, Clyde, hired an immigrant car on the railroad and brought their families to Cody, Wyoming in 1906. Ray opened the dry goods store, The New York Store, and Clyde opened a grocery store. Following completion of the Buffalo Bill Dam economic conditions were bad and Ray, Sr., decided to homestead on the South Fork about forty miles from Cody. Their first winter was spent in a tent house.

Ray, Jr., graduated from Cody High School in 1924 and attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Ray and his brothers spent several winters in the mountains trapping. This was the time where Ray learned to love sketching the local scenery and wildlife. The depression of the 1930's ended the trapping expeditions and Ray and his brother, Don, expanded their cattle operation. Ray, Sr., envisioned turning the homestead into a guest ranch and with the help of his wife, sons, and daughter turned the Triangle X into a thriving guest ranch and outfitting business.

Sketching and drawing came naturally to Ray, one of his earliest artwork having been done when he was about ten years old. It was his love for the outdoors and wildlife that inspired most of his work. His hunting, trapping, and cattle experiences provided the basis for his art. This intimacy with nature was shown in his work. Ray had no formal training except for a year at Chinouard Art School in Los Angeles, California in 1934. He also worked as an assistant sculptor with Lawrence Tenny Stevens in 1936 at the Centennial Exposition in Dallas, Texas.

Ray married Geraldine Puffer who had come to the ranch as a paying guest. After the death of Ray, Sr.; Ray, Jr. and Don took over the Triangle X and added a registered cattle operation. They bought the Double L Bar and the Sam Aldrich ranch. Ray and Gerry had two children, Alan and Barbara. In 1961, the Siggins Brothers divided the corporation with Ray and Gerry retaining the cattle business.

Throughout the years Ray's artwork reflected his daily living experiences. Following the death of Gerry, Ray married a long time family friend and dude guest, Kay Curtis on March 20, 1980. Ray and Kay traveled extensively during their marriage. Ray continued with his art and carving.

Left to right: Donald Siggins, Harold Siggins, and Ray Siggins

The following are examples of works done by the artist. Our documentation is from photographs and slides with not the best quality to properly represent the artist. All in all this type of research needs to be done to preserve the career of an artist. glt
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