Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Marjorie Reed
Harvey Day

Marjorie Reed a.k.a. Harvey Day was born in Springfield, Illinois in 1915. She was the daughter of a commercial artist. Raised in Los Angeles, the pupil of her father in designing Christmas Cards. At fourteen, she worked for Walt Disney. She studied at the Chouinard Art School and the Art Center School in Los Angeles, as well as with Jack Wilkinson Smith of Alhambra for two years. A series of twenty paintings of the 1858 Butterfield Overland Stage from St. Louis to San Francisco was incorporated into the book, "The Colorful Butterfield Overland Stage" by Richard F. Pourade. As to her pen or brush name, the following came from an authentication done by the artist, herself. "Dear Terry, Please excuse the delay in answering your interesting note of September 14. Yes–that is an older painting of mine, Harvey Day was my deceased husband–as there was such a demand of my depression priced paintings, I decided to use his name and perhaps I could get a little relief from a too busy life. Incidentally I have always know that God painted all the paintings I just held ‘held the brush'– The particular painting was done in the early 40's. I had lived for a few years at the Grand Canyon. My husband had a job in the area., so I painted quite a few canyon scenes. As I have never changed my price–you can imagine how very long I am with orders. Thanks for your kind interest in God's and my work. Most sincerely, Marjorie Reed."

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