OMeadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Dave Powell
Dave Powell was born in Kalispell, Montana, in 1954. The son of Ace Powell and Nancy McLaughlin Powell, he was raised in Hungry Horse, Montana, and then the Olympic Peninsula. He moved back to Kalispell in 1968 to live with his father. In the fall of 1973, he went to work for Bob Scriver, making molds and plaster patterns. After leaving in the spring of 1974, he found a job doing costuming and props for films. He then moved to Denver where he lived with Ned Jacob doing life drawing classes. For one television season, he was hired for the show, "Grizzly Adams," doing costume and makeup. He then moved to Santa Fe where he did consultation for various films and also a special for the National Broadcasting Company a.k.a. NBC. In addition to his consultation he also studied with Robert Lougheed. Dave Powell is a traditional sculptor and painter of figures of the Old West.
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