Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Wolfgang Pogzeba (1936-1982)
Wolfgang Pogzeba was an abstract realist painter, sculptor, printmaker, and photographer of the West. He was born in Munich, Germany in 1936 and tragically died in an airplane crash with his family in 1982. The son of an art restorer, Pogzeba attended cloister schools in Bavaria and sang in the Boy's Choir before the family settled in Denver in 1950. He spent two and a half years in engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, then studied architecture and art at the University of Colorado. In 1958, he exhibited in Paris, while a student, and when he graduated in 1960 he was given a one man show at the Montana Historical Society in Helena, Montana. While in the U. S. Air Force stationed in Alabama, he had a one person exhibition in Montgomery and also in New York. After two years of graduate study and a short try at teaching, he began painting, sculpting, and photographing full time. Over the years, he experimented with different forms, saying that "I do one thing, refine it, then go on to something totally new. When you can get an idea, you can't afford to look back. The way to put it is versatility."
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