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Robert F. Morgan

Robert F. Morgan was born in Helena, Montana in 1929 and is a realistic painter of a "Montana that is gone" and of wildlife. "I am interested in my birthplace, my hometown," he asserts.

"History has always been my great love, so it is only natural that combining the two provides me with great satisfaction. I portray a West that is gone, but with few exceptions it still lives here in Montana. The costuming changes and we civilize more and more but basically we are similar to the past.

I graduated from Helena High School in 1947, did not attend college, but began working in advertising and display. In 1952, I began working for the Montana Historical Society as exhibits designer until, because of economic considerations, I went to work full time for the Montana National Guard. I returned to the Montana Historical Society in 1960 as curator and for one year was acting director. I designed and constructed the Montana Centennial Train which toured the United States. I resigned from the museum in 1970 to pursue a full-time career in art. My formal art education ended when I graduated from high school, but I have, over the years, taken beneficial courses of study.

To research and interpret on canvas is to leave a legacy for others to enjoy and know what happened in the creation of this civilization. There is no greater place to do this than Montana."

The above photographs include examples of three of four bronzes that he did during his career.

Left to right: Marylee Moreland, Robert F. Morgan, and Gary Temple
1990 C. M. Russell Art Show

Bob was one of the founding members of the Northwest Rendezvous Group. One of his distinctions that might appear minor but, in our opinion is very important, is that in the history of the C. M. Russell Show and Art Auction in Great Falls, Montana, he has always had his work accepted by their jurors each year.

At the unveiling of Bob's murals at the Agriculture Museum in Fort Benton, Montana.

Left to Right: Gary Temple, Marylee Moreland, and Robert F. Morgan in our exhibit room at the 2000 C. M. Russell Art Show and Auction in Great Falls, Montana.

The two vaqueroes are off riding again at the 2001 C. M. Russell Art Auction and Show.

From left to right: Newman Myrah, Ginger Renner, and Robert F. Morgan at the 2001 C. M. Russell Art Auction and Show.

Recent public works by the artist:


Saturday, June 20, 2015, Robert F. Morgan went on his way for a long overdue visit with many of his artist friends, including his mentor, Charles M. Russell. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gen Morgan.


"Bob Morgan's Montana"
by Robert F. Morgan
Trade and special limiteds

Just when "Bob Morgan's Montana" by Bob Morgan and Norma Ashby was coming out, Bob happened to tell me about 36 special limited books which he was doing for the investors of the book. There were to be eight of them for the artist. Each book was to have a drawing of watercolor and pencil done it and he had the rights to eight of them. I bought them right away and now I have a few left. They are a very rare find and as well a real treasure to anyone's library about this fine artist.

Please call me right away to reserve your copy. glt

View high resolution images of works by Robert F. Morgan when available.

"Illustrated letter to Gary Temple-Date Unknown"
(Illustrated Letter)

"Letter to Roger Spencer-October 2, 1992"
(Illustrated Letter)

"Untitled--Buffalo Horn Bonnet"
(Pen and Ink)

"Untitled--Camp Cook"
(Pen and Ink)

"Unsigned--Indian Brave with Lance"
(Pen and Ink)

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