Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Charles Winfield Miller
Following a long career as a freelance illustrator, portrait painter and teacher in the Chicago area. Mr. Miller moved to Wyoming to follow the muse of "Western Art." After a sound academic art education, his early association with two of the greats of American Illustration, Haddon Sundblom and Harry Anderson, instilled in him a profound respect for excellence and integrity in the painting process. An invaluable learning experience enjoyed by but a fortunate few. In the commercial and editorial field, his experience covered a broad spectrum---from magazines to point of purchase, to 24 sheet outdoor ads. Charles Winfield Miller was living and painting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming---he finds the "Western" genre a veritable illustrators candy store, all the romantic picturesqueness and dramatic potential of King Arthur's Court, Robin Hood, Treasure Island, and The Deer Slayer rolled into one--- with the additional challenge of anthropology thrown in. Years before, back in the windy city, when he was painting dog food ads and Playboy cartoons, he would gladly have paid for the privilege of doing this kind of work!!!!
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