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Nancy McLaughlin

Born and raised in western Montana, Nancy McLaughlin had extensive contacts with the Indians of Montana. She spent her childhood on the reservation where she was friends with the Blackfeet. While learning of their customs and legends, she also developed an in-depth understanding of the people. As a young lady she was adopted into the Blackfeet tribe and given the name of ME SA' MAXAKI which means Swan Woman.

Over the years her paintings were influenced by several artists, but the Russian School of Impressionism probably exerted the greatest force. Within an inherent balance of form and line she created colors which were vibrant and cover a rather complete range.

During her thirty plus years as a professional artist, Miss McLaughlin had exhibited in many individual and group shows and won an array of awards. Her illustrations have appeared in several publications and she has been the subject of numerous articles as well as books. At one time she was married to the western artist Asa (Ace) Lynn Powell (1912-1978). Together they produced and sold art in many western states.

Reproduced courtesy of Jay Moynahan 2005

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