Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Steve Kelton (1944- )

Steve Kelton received his art education from the Kansas City Art Institute of the Central Missouri State University. He assisted Bob Scriver in the preparation of his book entitled, "The Blackfeet, Artist of the Northern Plains." After a professional career of over twenty five years as an illustrator, designer and art director, Steve established a studio devoted to the portrayal of western subjects that have been his lifelong interest. Whether the theme is western, wildlife, or landscape, Steve's goal is to impart to each viewer the drama and excitement he feels. Each subject is interpreted in an impressionistic manner with a strong, underlying abstract framework that allows the viewer intellectual access into the piece and an opportunity to contribute to what they see. His wife, Charlette,with a background in framing, and other details of the business assists him in his work.

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