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Doug Henderson

Douglas Henderson grew up in different regions throughout the United States. Although he enjoyed drawing as a child, it wasn't until he settled down in Montana in his late 20s that he began to study art as a career. Living in Gardiner, Montana, located at the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park, Henderson developed in interest in landscapes, spending much of his time drawing local scenes and developing various techniques. Primarily a self-taught artist, he took a few art classes at Montana State University in printmaking and lithography. An avid hiker and naturalist, Henderson was inspired by the magnificent beauty of the mountains. He refused to use a camera, preferring to draw "in the field," capturing the scene only with his drawing pencil. Henderson has illustrated numerous books about dinosaurs and paleontology, including Living with Dinosaurs, Riddle of the Dinosaur, The Complete T-Rex and The Dinosaur Tree.

Douglas "Doug" Henderson, born in 1949, trained and later worked as a nurse before he began painting in 1977. As a self-taught landscape painter he rediscovered his lifelong fascination with prehistoric times and dinosaurs "just walked" into his pictures. An early collaboration with the paleontologist Jack Horner helped Henderson become one of the world's best-known paleoartists.Henderson ranks alongside Charles R. Knight and Rudolph Zallinger as a paleoartist who has shaped the public's imagination of prehistoric times. Instead of spectacular scenes with gigantic beasts Henderson paints ancient environments and landscapes that only happen to contain ancient animals as well. They are glimpses into prehistoric normality. Henderson lives and works in Montana. His drawings and paintings have appeared in books and magazines around the world. He also contributed ideas and pictures to Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park": His images cover the walls of park owner John Hammond's office in the film.


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