Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Parke Goodman

Parke was born in Ottumwa, Iowa on February 14, 1965. At the age on nine he received a paint set for Christmas. The family moved in 1968 to Boulder, Colorado. He later worked in 1972 as a Boulder Junior Ranger where he maintained trails. After graduating from Boulder Senior High School in 1974 he studied architecture at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. For a brief period of three years he returned to Boulder, Colorado to build three spec homes which he designed. Returning to Montana State University he decided to study land resource management. A self taught painter, Parke decided to become an artist and supported himself by working with landscape crews for various nurseries, working in construction, and also for seismographic crews in the oil fields of North Dakota. In 1994 he met Bonnie who was selling jewelry and added his painting to her displays. In 1995, Parke officially became a full time artist. He has been juried into the C. M. Russell Art Show and Auction. Together both Bonnie and Parke happily live in Livingston, Montana.

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