Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Jim Dolan

For the longest time I have had on our site how the biography for Jim Dolan was not available. This was a "slight" exaggeration for I just did not know where to stop talking about Jim Dolan. When I first worked in banking in 1975, I met Jim. I went over to this "studio" which was a single stall garage behind his house where he did his welding. After many visits of questioning his techniques I remembered urging me to start sculpting. This was a vocation I put off until many years later.

During my several years of being the art auction coordinator for the Madison-Gallatin Chapter of Trout Unlimited I got to know him even better. The many styles of his works has changed over the years but the enthusiasm of the artist is still rampant. Just this last spring we saw he and his lady friend during some of the Russell activities in Great Falls, Montana and he is still the artist I met years ago. He still greets everyone with a big smile coupled with the many twinkles in his eyes of new ideas. He is still the Jim Dolan I have always known.

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