A new entry!!

Hi Gary,

I occasionally do a google name scan to see what mischief others say I have been up to. I came across an entry
on your Delta Sig blog asking about me, so I'm giving you a quick update. I retired from an extensive career
in electrical engineering. I spent virtually my entire adult life in and around the Portland, Oregon area until
things got too strange there. My wife, Nancy, and I moved to Lewiston, Idaho in 2017 and love the area--for
the most part. It isn't Montana and it isn't western Oregon for scenery here but the weather is decent and the
politics and values better suit our own. It's a good place to live.

Between us, Nancy and I have 5 kids, 4 daughters and a son, along with 9 grandkids. The latest grandchild is a
month old and lives in New York City. Almost all the rest of our family live in Oregon. It turns out that
Lewiston is about the shortest travel time and distance to Portland and still be in Idaho. So we've got that going
for us!

Not much else to add at this time. Through my contacts in Livingston, where I grew up, I keep distant contact
with a few folks--Randy Killorn, Brad Palmer, Stan Stevens and one or two others. Nothing close, but at least
I know where they are and we have mutual friends. Pete Stein and I are very close friends and have been since
Junior High.

Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Larry Shorthill


Greetings, well it has been some wonderful days since the Christmas email. I finally got in touch

with some wonderful folks and am still harassing for photographs. Tom and Jean Olson came

over with five annuals so take a look at the Annual/Group photograph section.

Probably will be a little slower for a few months as I am having my lower back fused and

will have to slow down for some months. The last back surgery was fifty years ago in December, 1972.

This surgery is to relieve some nerve issues caused by my lower back. One of the things I am grateful to

the house brothers was how they took me in after the surgery. I can remember my folks wanting to

take me home but I would have nothing of it. Those were hard but wonderful times and I so do

express my appreciation to the house. glt


Just a further note as I finally got this done as it was meant to go out before

the holidays but I got tired of pestering, calling and so forth. Sure we would

still like to hear from you but procrastination is a big word. glt


Holiday Greetings
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I know my thoughts were brief in the email last week so I just wanted to elaborate in a different way. I wanted to talk to my friends again and so I just started calling. Marylee told me the results were great for the laughter truly came back into the room and my heart. In today’s times many wonder about the fraternity system and I cannot really answer the questions but I do know about one old fraternity house. The old house might not have been illustrious and grand but it sure brought about great times for all of us.

This week when I started calling people on our infamous Delta Sig list, the great emotions over the telephone came through. One of the major requests I have made to many folks was to send some current photographs of themselves.

Don’t feel bad for when reading this page I would continually hear how they needed to call some people but everyone is busy in their own worlds. Still, let me see if I can pry some information out from my visits this week. I am going to start in alphabetic order so I don’t miss anyone.


What was the color of Bill Lewis s AMX AMC?
And who was the culprit who tried to drive it through a fence backwards?
Can you say obnoxious when you answer these questions?
When did Bill Lewis own his GTO and what was the color?

What was the color of Mike McClurg s car?

What was the color of Rich Abbott s car?

What did Stan Stevens drive and the color?


Rich and Nora Abbott

Nora Abbott and Marylee Moreland

I keep in good contact with Rich and Nora as they are still in Idaho. Usually about once a year they come through on their way down to see their son in Colorado. The same good vibes are still there with “Rabbit” and the “Mrs.” Their number is on the list so call them!


Jim and Jo Ausk

I will always remember the first time I called Jim and I could tell he was apprehensive as to my knowing about him. I related the story how his lady would come over to the house and he would give her a kiss while having a lip full of snoose. She would get mad and smack him but love prevailed.


Lloyd and Mary Ann Baker

Baker finally called after my leaving a message. He has behaved better since the last time thirty years ago when he contacted me about wanting to sell me Amway.


Randy and Coleen Biehl

Randy Biehl called this morning. He and Coleen are in Missoula and slowing down like the rest of us. We shared a lot of memories during our telephone conversation.


John and Sue Bleth

I got this joyous voice over the phone this morning and it was John Bleth. After retiring from the City of Colstrip in 2013, they added a second residence in Arizona for both seasons. They have a daughter who is a CPA in Great Falls and the other daughter works for St. Vincents Healthcare in Billings.


Dennis and Cathy Dellwo

Dennis told me they moved to Choteau which is close to his two sisters. I have not had enough time truly to visit with him over the phone but like with everyone else requested an updated photograph or two.


William H. Bill Dietrich

Absolutely had a great visit with Bill Dietrich yesterday and we went on for a good long time. After leaving school he went into brick laying construction and then later went on to a copy machine technician. Now retired as well he has two sons near him in Ohio and one out in California.


Jim and Marilyn Dusenberry

When I called Jim he was as usual turning wrenches. He still runs his shop in Helena. Marilyn is this year leaving the accounting firm as it was sold to new management. Jim sounded great as usual, their son has a farming operation out in the valley. Their daughter lives in Livingston. The other daughter and her husband work on a ranch near Wilsall.

A couple of years ago when Mistowski needed some support, I called Dusenberry and asked him to call Joe. They did get together on the telephone and it was great for it had been over forty years. Jim is still the great one in my memory book as well.

Jim Dusenberry in March of 2023 at Washington, D.C..

Jim and Marilyn down in Arizona.


Dave Dwyer

Dave checked in and is still driving a school bus. He is still fond of his many kids on his bus and the tour guiding in the summer months.


Jim and Mary Embleton

Jim built a garage and Mary retired this year in November. They are working on fixing up their place and plan on doing some traveling in the winter months in a southernly direction.


Maury and Kathy Hamill

Things sound good from the Hamill household in Helena. They have a granddaughter who runs in track at MSU-Billings so they might be able to stop by sometime.


Mel Hamilton

It took a couple of hours or so but here comes a telephone call from Mel Hamilton. He is living just outside of Three Forks, Montana and spends most of his time driving athletic team buses. Mel sounded good and is going to send a photograph.


Mike and Elvie Judge

Talked with Mike and they sounded good being in Mesa, Arizona. He is still doing a little bit of computer consulting work. They are trying to spend the summer months up cooler around Payson, Arizona. Summers before were spent in Montana but the fuel costs are limiting them. He has a son who is an auditor for a firm in Billings.


Dennis and Pat Jupka

I visited with Dennis and they are still chasing the grandchildren to all of their sporting events. Life is just fine for the two of them.


Al Kajin

After figuring out the mystery character in the 1972 photograph in front of the house was Al, he sent me another treasure. The following is a photograph of the Carnation Girl candidates in the spring of 1972. Can you identify them?

Left to right: Dorothy Kleffner, (need to identify), (need to identify, Laurie Kralicek Hickman, Chris Malgren, Cordi Kettler and (need to identify).

Al and Claudia Kajin


Randy and Kathy Killorn

Got a nice telephone call from Randy and Kathy Killorn. They moved to Hutchinson, Minnesota after selling their former house and for the first time do not have a house payment. They are like the rest of us and slowing down. He did tell a great story about traveling through Glasgow. The next morning they had breakfast in a little restaurant and there as well was Pete Nyquist. Randy is getting for me the contact information for Rod Miller.


Dorothy Kleffner

This lady just has a sweet spot in all of our hearts. Nothing has changed with Dorothy, still the outgoing lady of all time. Like all of us, she is slowing down a bit but her thoughts are as vibrant as always.


Steve and Jean Laber


Bill Lewis

Bill called the other morning and it was great as always. He sold his farm but still lives on the homestead. He told me sometimes he helps the neighbors move equipment from time to time. He has a smaller place which he still leases out.


Tom and Margie Mattice

Tom is retired from being an anaesthesiologist. I caught him out in Washington visiting a new grandchild. Tom was his usual quiet self but he had achieved his goal from college to become a doctor.


Mike McClurg

I talk from time to time with Mike as he is in Billings. Nothing has changed about the voice or his attitude about life.


Ted and Patti Milesnick

Every time I turn around these two are gallivanting somewhere. Right now it appears from the descriptions they are doing some Christmas markets in Europe. He told me he would give me a call upon his return. We might not stay in touch as often but the memories and thoughts are still there.


Tom and Anne Milkovich

The last time I talked with Tom he had bought some more land near Clyde Park. Anne is working for a university in Las Vegas. So it must be a commuting world.


Joe and Harriet Mistowski

Ah yes, the wild couple from Rhode Island. Things sound busy as always with Joe and his son, John, at the golf course. I think they are starting their fourth ten year contract. Joe and Harriet still come out to Montana from time to time but there have been some health concerns recently.


Doug and Debbie Morrison

I have left messages but according to John Bleth they are traveling a lot of the time.


Tom and Jean Olson

Tom retired from PPL in 2015 and are living in Laurel, Montana. They are contemplating moving near their son who lives in Anaconda but time will tell. They both sounded great.


Brad and Debbie Palmer

This was the year Brad sold all of his cows and is not going to buy anymore. I visit with him regularly and they are both doing great.

Which one is the old rattler?


Doug and Eleanor Parker

No word yet


Joseph E. Poirier

Joe lost his wife in 2021 and now has a significant other. He is retired from the residential appraisal business and is now producing a horse feed supplement.


Joy Schanz

Had a great visit with Joy. Her son is running the farm and her grandson is getting involved.


Greg and Isabel Schiff

They are in Georgia but do not like it. I inquired as to why and Greg said there were too many red necks. He said if you were not a Republican then they did not think much of you.


Bill and Margi Schindele

Wolf Creek, Montana is still spinning away with these people. Margi is getting back as we write from a trip to Paraguay. Both of them sound good and just enjoying life.

Left to right: Margi, Kristin, Billy, Jamie and Bill Schindele

Margi and Bill Schindele


Gary and Lesli Shelton

Had a good visit with Gary but the economy is effecting their world. He has written several articles for his son who is the editor of Distinctly Montana.


Brad Sherman

Brad now lives back in Massachusetts. He got married again as of January 28, 2022 and sounds really happy. Way to go Brad!!


Ron and Becky Slayton



Jack and Vicki Somppi

Just got off the telephone with Jack Somppi. He told me he regularly visited with Tom Mattice so I am hopeful for a new photograph and maybe even a telephone number. Jack is now retired but still doing some consulting work.

Vicki and Jack Somppi


Stan Stevens

It was a real treat as always to visit with Stan Stevens. We talked about the house, the Milesnick cattle workings and the location of many folks.


Gary Temple and Marylee Moreland

We are semi retired and live just outside of Joliet, Montana. The art business has slowed down with this wonderful President but we are working as best as we can in the market. We have a little sixteen and half acre place so we can have our deer stands and raise some alfalfa for them. It is just nice being away from the strains of Billings as the real estate taxes continued to increase.

Gary Temple and Marylee Moreland hunting from our ground blind.


John and Debbie Tuomi

Debbie and John Tuomi

It was great to catch up on everything as Debbie gave me a call. After school, John went to veterinarian school in Fort Collins. He had an older brother in Anchorage who had a practice and so they went up. After a few years Anchorage was a little too big so they moved to Palmer and started their own clinic. About six years ago they sold the clinic but John got bored with the supposed retirement and starting working with other veterinarians again. Debbie is going to send some more photograhs later. She wants her contact information kept confidential but it will be available by contacting me. glt


Jim and Anita Vaskey



Delta Sig Address Book

Abbott, Rich and Nora
1093 Cedar Ridge Road
Kendrick, Idaho 83537
Telephone: 208-289-8378

Anderson, Mark and Pam
2900 Science Ridge Road
Sterling, Illinois 61081

Ausk, Jim and Jo
2992 Daystar Drive
Billings, Montana 59102
Telephone: 406-665-5732

Baker, Lloyd and Mary Ann
23509 S. E. 252 Court
Maple Valley, Washington 98038
Home Telephone: 425-432-9798
Cell: 206-498-9732

Barce, Warren
(September 13, 1952-August 7, 1998)
Warren was an Associate Professor of Business at MSU-Northern at the time of his death. I am sure Warren would smile when in reading his obituary it read: "He was affiliated with Delta Sigma Phi..." Really, I would say it was an obsession, a great guy.

Benz, Dave and Jean
4516 77th Avenue Court N.W.
Gig Harbor, Washington 98335
Telephone: 253-649-0389

Biehl, Randy and Coleen
809 West Hallmark Lane
Missoula, Montana 59801
Randy's cell: 406-788-0743
Colleen's cell: 406-788-6253

Bleth, John and Sue
10 Olive Drive
P. O. Box 333
Colstrip, Montana 59323
John's Cell: 406-740-1015
Sue's Cell: 406-740-1016

Cameron, Mark and Lucrecia
Santa Ana, California 92707
Telephone: 714-556-4078
Carlson, Ron (Deceased)

Carter, Thomas
54 Thomas Lane
Lewistown, Montana 59457
Telephone: 406-538-8011
Cell: 406-366-1639
Colburn, Dale P.
P. O. Box 101
Olga, Washington 98279-0101
Telephone: 360-376-6285

Dellwo, Dennis and Cathy
312 Ninth Avenue N. W.
Choteau, Montana 59422
Dennis Cell:406-570-2772

Dietrich, William H.
22901 Virginia Avenue
Minerva, Ohio 44657
Telephone: 330-705-8042
Dockery, Kevin?
3209 Friar Lane
Garland, Texas 75044
Telephone: 972-530-9624

Dusenberry, Jim and Marilyn
1672 Sierra Road East
Helena, Montana 59602
Home Telephone: 406-458-5770
Jim's Cell: 406-459-3645

Work address:
J & D Truck Repair & Towing
789 Carter Drive
Helena, Montana 59602
Work Telephone: 406-443-4644

Dwyer, Dave
P. O. Box 952
Kila, Montana 59920
Telephone: 702-396-8125

Embleton, Jim and Mary
74 Second Street
Sand Coulee, Montana 59471
Cell for Mary: 406-855-3530
Cell for Jim: 406-855-6536

Ersness, Cal (Deceased)

Gallup, Jackson (Deceased)
Grammens, Ron
(Ron was Ted Milesnick's big brother.)
3134 New Hope Drive
Billings, Montana 59102
Telephone: 406-656-4214

Hamill, Maury and Kathy
1308 Highland Street
Helena, Montana 59601
Maury Cell: 406-202-2263
Kathy Cell: 406-439-6392

Hamilton, Melvin A.
P. O. Box 986
Three Forks, Montana 59752
Cell: 406-589-7686

Helmer, Bob (Deceased)
1029 Fifth Avenue North
Wolf Point, Montana 59201
Telephone: 406-653-3149

Judge, Mike and Elvie White-Judge
805 South Saranac Avenue
Mesa, Arizona 85208
Telephone: 406-670-2613

Jupka, Dennis and Pat
938 Expedition Trail
Helena, Montana 59602
Dennis's Cell: 406-431-1018

Jupka, Rich (Deceased)

Kajin, Al and Claudia
P. O. Box 1047
Forsyth, Montana 59327
Telephone: 406-201-0317

Killorn, Randy J. and Kathy
715 Wagner Street S. W.
Hutchinson, Minnesota 55350
Telephone: 218-246-2570

Kleffner, Dorothy
P. O. Box 6127
San Rafael, California 94903
Home: 415-927-4227
Cell: 415-847-0770

Laber, Steve and Jean
3820A Saxony Place
Missoula, Montana 59808

10963 South Turtle Dove Drive
Goodyear, Arizona 85338

Cell: 406-396-5319
LaFrance, Dan

Larimer, Dave (Deceased)

Lassilla, Lynn (Deceased)

Lewis, Bill
34134 Highway 201
Fairview, Montana 59221
Telephone: 406-798-3611

Lowman, Ben (1946-2007)
Lowman, Tom
Somewhere in Florida?

Mattice, Tom and Margie
152 Higman Park
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022
Telephone: 574-276-6849
McArthur, Dan
McClurg, Mike
3924 Killdeer Lane
Billings, Montana 59102
Telephone: 406-855-4994
McDonough, Brad (BJ)
McDonough, Pete
Milesnick, Ted and Patti
4876 East Sagewood Drive
Boise, Idaho 83716
Telephone: 208-342-7918
Ted's cell: 208-869-9064

Milesnick, Tom and Mary Kay
5805 Dry Creek Road
Belgrade, Montana 59714
Telephone: 406-388-4180
Miller, Rodney K. and Patsy
Middleton, Wisconsin

Milkovich, Tom and Anne
P. O. Box 45
162 Chicken Creek Road
Clyde Park, Montana 59018
Office: 406-686-4608
Home: 406-686-4080
Tom's Cell: 406-581-5252

Mistowski, Joe and Harriet
267 Conanicus Avenue
Jamestown, Rhode Island 02835
Telephone: 401-423-3041

Morrison, Doug and Debbie
623 Meadowlark Lane
Worland, Wyoming 82401
Telephone: 307-347-8322

Nugent, Terry and Laurie
102 Centennial Lane
Townsend, Montana 59644
Telephone: 406-266-3886

Nyquist, Pete
318 East Hanson Road
Glasgow, Montana 59230
Cell: 406-263-1036

O'Leary, Paul and Vickie
4609 12th Street, N.E.
Great Falls, Montana 59404
Telephone: 406-453-8785

Olson, Tom and Jean
1725 Wild Lupine Lane
Laurel, Montana 59044
Telephone: 406-697-1561

Palmer, Brad and Debbie
8 Big Horn Drive
Livingston, Montana 59047
Telephone: 406-223-0262

Parker, Doug and Eleanor
81481 West Seventh Road
Irrigon, Oregon 97844
Telephone: 541-922-5236

Pederson, Leslie H. and Julie
(Note: Les passed away on October 23, 2023 in Missoula, Montana.)

Poirier, Joseph E. and Terri
1034 Cinnamon Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97404
Telephone: 541-554-5577
Remus, Keli M. and Elaine
16411 Country Club Drive
Burlington, Washington 98233

Schanz, Larry (1950-2017)
and Joy
44 Schanz Lane
Ryegate, Montana 59074
Telephone: 406-568-2298

Schiff, Greg and Isabel
2331 Barrett Cottage Place
Marietta, Georgia 30066
Topeka, Kansas 66614
Telephone: 785-501-8165

Schindele, Bill and Margi
1600 Rogers Creek Road
P. O. Box 123
Wolf Creek, Montana 59648
Montana Cell: 406-461-4864

Shelton, Gary and Lesli
11505 Highway 2 East
P. O. Box 141
Havre, Montana 59501
Telephone: 406-265-3620
Cell: 406-680-2369

Sherman, Brad J.
342 Main Street
Easthampton, MA 01027
Telephone: 406-750-2096

Shorthill, Larry and Nancy
832 Grelle Drive
Lewiston, Idaho 83501
Cell: 503-260-2086

Slayton, Ron and Becky
3301 Forsythia Boulevard
Billings, Montana 59102
Telephone: 406-652-4618

Somppi, Jack and Vicki
23631 Fifth Avenue West
Bothell, Washington 98021
Cell: 206-790-0567

Stein, Peter B.
216 Mill
Gallatin Gateway, Montana 59730
Telephone: 406-763-4728

Stevens, Stan and Sandy
1560 S.W. Dyer Point Road
Palm City, Florida 34990
Cell: 850-517-5883

Stocks, Jeff?

Temple, Gary and Marylee Moreland
9460 US Highway 212
Joliet, Montana 59041
Telephone: 406-962-3575
Cell: 406-861-2675

Troth, Bill "Pooh"
Deceased 1992

Troth, Rich
Eaglewatch Estates
565 Burton Way
Missoula, Montana 59802

Tuomi, John and Debbie
Debbie's Email:

Vaskey, Jim and Anita
3145 LaPaz Drive
Billings, Montana 59101
Telephone: 406-371-5419
Cell: 406-209-1874

Weaver, James T.

Bob Wilson

Wilson, Shirley
411 Greyson Creek Road
Townsend, Montana 59644
Telephone: 406-266-4068

Winchell, John P. (Deceased)



Annual/Group Photographs


Delta Sig Friends

Just a word of simple disclosure as to the photographs displayed on this page. This page is for all of us to catch up as to our lives in the present. Photographs of the past will be subject to the content and integrity. I more than anyone was active in my college career but this page is for the current contact information. glt

News flash section!

November 30, 2022

On September 24, I happened to be down in Forsyth doing some archery elk hunting. We had walked into the Joseph Cafe for breakfast and I noticed a man seated at a table with two other people. I was sure I knew him but still decided to ask my outfitter if he knew the name of the man. He told me the name and I walked over to the table and introduced myself. The man was Al Kajin, whom I had not seen for fifty years.

Al was from Dillon, Montana, and came to school at Bozeman for a brief stay. His future wife was from Dillon as well and then moved to Forsyth. He got back together with her and have been in Forsyth for man years.

So now the photograph is complete other than the Phi Delta who photo bombed the group portrait. glt

June 29, 2018

So yesterday was my birthday and did I get a great gift. Ten years ago, Brad Palmer told me about running into Stan "Steamer" Stevens at his high school reunion in Livingston. So I called Stan and he told me how he was just going to show up one day with no warning. Well I never heard anything more and he moved from Virginia. I have to comment how there are a lot of "ghost Delta Sigs" who all of a sudden call me out of the blue.

Brad Palmer told me about their 50th high school reunion coming up this weekend. I kind of felt we might see Stan but he was kind of doubtful. I told him to call me if Stan would show up for I would drive up to see him. Brad called last night and Stan was coming to the reunion but had a bad experience with a terrible hail storm near Colorado Springs. They had their motorhome badly damaged and so they limped back to Alabama which is the home for the maker of it. It took about a week but they got it repaired.

Stan was offered a new assignment where he went to Florida to work on three versions of F-35. He decided to retire in 2014 and liked the Florida area and settled in Palm City, Florida.

So the long and short of it was I got a telephone call last night and when I saw the caller ID, all I could shout over the telephone was "Steamer!!" We had a great visit for over an hour to just catch up. I told him there was a list of guys who wanted to talk with them including Rich Abbott and Ted Milesnick. He told me he would call them but remember you guys have a telephone as well.

Anyway a great birthday present!

Note: I have been asked about Larry Shorthill. Someone thought he lives in Helena. Does anyone have his contact information? glt

June 9, 2018

Yup, it has been 44 years for Ted and Patti Milesnick.

November 23, 2017

1971 Sailors Ball
Gary Temple and Maury Hamill

Ol' Hamill comes through with this great photograph, and I am quoting from his text, "When Christ was a pup and the rocks weren't hard. Happy Thanksgiving."

November 1, 2017

Well we are completing some of our goals for current photographs. Bill Lewis and I were trying to pick out people who we thought might be brothers on Monday but were wrong. The ones we had picked we thought might have had a tougher life than us but again we were wrong for they were not there. See what happens when you get two old Delta Sigs together and they start thinking.

Just a subtle hint, we would really appreciate a photograph from John and Deb Tuomi.

Slight news alert for the Tazmanian Devils aka Joe and Harriet Mistowski are traveling through Montana on a whirlwind trip to winterize their place in Lima. From there who knows for they are here in Montana until November 10.

Just got this wonderful photograph from Randy and Colleen Biehl. Randy has now started his own appraisal business in Missoula. Talked with Colleen and they sounded good but busy.

October 30, 2017

Walked into the church for Larry's funeral to sign the book and turned around to immediately recognize those eyes of a brother I had not seen for almost 40 years, Bill Lewis. Later Brad and Debbie Palmer also showed up for the service. Unfortunately John and Debbie Tuomi were not able to come down for the service but I pressured Tom Olson to see if we could get a photograph of them for the Delta Sig page.

Bill Lewis and Gary Temple

Left to right: Bill Lewis, Gary Temple, Marylee Moreland, Brad Palmer and Debbie Palmer.

October 25, 2017

I am sorry but it was just pointed out to me of these two shocking entries in the obituary column.

Larry Ralph Schanz, of Ryegate, passed away on Oct. 22, 2017, at Billings Clinic, after a battle with cancer.

Larry was born to Ralph and Mildred (Helmerichs) Schanz on April 3, 1950. He grew up on the family farm south of Ryegate in the Big Coulee. He attended the ’79 School House through seventh grade, then continued his education in Ryegate, graduating in 1967. He then attended Montana State University in Bozeman, where he graduated with an Ag business degree in 1971.

He married Joy Tuomi in 1971 in Augusta, Montana, and then the couple made their home in Havre, where he worked at the Federal Land Bank. In 1976, they made the move back to the family farm in the Big Coulee, where he resided until his death.

Farming was his passion; he believed in instilling a hard work ethic in his children and grandchildren. He always felt you earn what you get and take responsibility for one’s actions.

Larry was preceded in death by his father, Ralph Schanz; and brother-in-law Jim McCombs. He is survived by his wife of 46 years, Joy; his daughter, Kim (Ryan) Murry of Chula Vista, California; his son, Jeff (Marti) of Billings; his grandchildren, Cameron and Caden; his mother, Mildred (Chuck); his sister, Judy (Don) Olson of Gaston, Oregon; and sister Sandy McCombs of Billings; along with numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.

Memorial Mass will be at 11 a.m. Monday, Oct. 30, at St. Mathias Catholic Church in Ryegate.


Another one I did not know but knew the award.

William “Bill” Carroll, passed away at the age of 71, on Oct. 21, 2017. Bill was born Sept. 22, 1946, to Wayne and Rose (Zahn) Carroll in Minot, North Dakota. His family moved from North Dakota to Montana in 1956.

Bill graduated from Central High in 1964. He attended Montana State University (Bozeman) and was enrolled in the ROTC program while pursuing a degree in accounting. After graduating and receiving his degree, Bill was stationed, with the U.S. Army, in Georgia. There, he earned his master's degree from the University of Georgia. Throughout Bill's 8.5 years of service in the military, he completed two tours in Vietnam, from 1969-1971, as a U.S. Army Airborne ranger-infantry officer with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. He earned two purple hearts, two bronze stars, and several other distinguished medals.

Bill is survived by his son Joe Carroll, daughter Kaycee Carroll and her children Dylan, Payton and Kaitlyn; his siblings Phyllis Walter (Wally), Lois Geertz, Pat Carroll (Diana), and Sally Peralez (Dave).

Family and friends are invited to pay their last respects at Smith's Downtown Chapel, 925 S. 27th Street, Billings MT 59101 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, and Friday before the funeral. The funeral service will be held Friday, Oct. 27, at 12:30 p.m. at Smith Downtown Chapel. The burial will take place at 2 p.m., at the Yellowstone National Cemetery, 55 Buffalo Trail Rd, Laurel, MT 59044.


May 16, 2017

Thanks so much to Paula Mistowski for providing us with the photographs of the "Gilligan's Island Caravan" this last February. Tom Milkovich and Tom Carter made their maiden sailing voyage. Tom Carter commented how he had been invited on cruise ship tours but was not interested. He said the Mistowski cruise was just absolutely wonderful. They would sail along the islands and stop each night for evening meals and the replenishment of "supplies."

Tom Milkovich and Joe Mistowski

Harriet Mistowski and Tom Carter

On the right side seated are Tom Carter, Joe Mistowski and Harriet Mistowski.

May 15, 2017

Another news flash from Jim and Anita Vaskey!

March 13, 2017

Another news flash as Steve Laber said he had an email from Tom Milkovich and finally decided to call me with his information.

Jean and Steve Laber

1978 Sailors Ball-Steve and Jean Laber

January 12, 2017

This morning I got up just shy of 4:00 A.M. and wondered again what I was doing? Thirty
years or more I would not have hesitated as I just kind of chuckled to myself. For sure I
was heading out to the truck, clothes in hand, decoys coming behind with the full knowledge
of what the weather forecast would be for the day. The decoys creaked, I creaked, the
canvas bags groaned and I groaned but soon the truck was backing out of the garage. The
sound of the snow upon the ground was loud for the temperature was falling. After a few
cups of coffee over breakfast I looked forward with anticipation of my journey ahead.

Arriving down the road, I looked at one of my favorite new goose hunting venues. Equipment
is running everywhere for it is a sugar beet dump. Trucks are coming in to be loaded while
we meander to the far end and place two lawn chairs. Of course, with the chairs comes a
few decoys, camera equipment and a thermos of coffee. And the morning is complete.

Looking at the hunting venue this morning there was just one little variable. The variable was the
data I received on my truck’s thermostat of a minus twenty one degrees. Yes, there was not any
wind but I just felt they warranted my needs by staying in the truck. So the rest of the morning
we moved around the area taking photographs from the truck and I think it was a good decision.



June 17, 2016

"And Cal Ersness comes home ... "

The front entrance to the former home of the Delta Eta Chapter of the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity at Quad A at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.

Left to right: Tom Carter, Tom Milkovich (hidden), Dennis Jupka, Bill Schindele (hidden), Gary Temple, Corwin Ersness, Harriet Mistowski, Joe Mistowski and Pat Jupka.

Left to right: Harriet Mistowski, Joe Mistowski (hidden), Bill Schindele, Gary Temple, Dennis Jupka, Tom Carter, Tom Milkovich (hidden), and Pat Jupka.

Left to right: Harriet Mistowski, Pat Jupka, Dennis Jupka, Tom Milkovich (foreground), Dave Dwyer (background), Bill Schindele, Corwin Ersness with photograph of a young Cal Ersness, Joe Mistowski, Gary Temple and Tom Carter.

Left to right: Tom Milkovich, Joe Mistowski, Bill Schindele, Tom Carter, Harriet Mistowski, Pat Jupka, Dennis Jupka, Corwin Ersness and Gary Temple.

"Remembering memories of the house ... "
Left to right: Tom Carter, Tom Milkovich, Joe Mistowski, Gary Temple, Bill Schindele, Harriet Mistowski, Pat Jupka, Dennis Jupka (hidden) and Corwin Ersness.

Bill Schindele and Gary Temple

Left to right: Tom Carter, Bill Schindele, Gary Temple, Joe Mistowski, Harriet Mistowski, and Pat Jupka.

Left to right: Dennis Jupka (hidden), Joe Mistowski, Tom Milkovich, Harriet Mistowski, Gary Temple and Tom Carter (background), Pat Jupka and Corwin Ersness.

"The tales are getting taller and taller!!"
Left to right: Joe Mistowski, Dennis Jupka (hidden behind Joe's beer), Tom Milkovich, Harriet Mistowski, Gary Temple, Pat Jupka, Bill Schindele, Corwin Ersness (hidden), and Tom Carter.

Left to right: Bill Schindele, Tom Milkovich, Harriet Mistowski, Joe Mistowski, Pat Jupka, Corwin Ersness, Tom Carter and Gary Temple.

Left to right: Joe Mistowski, Harriet Mistowski, Pat Jupka, Dennis Jupka, Corwin Ersness, Gary Temple and Tom Carter.

Left to right: Bill Schindele, Tom Milkovich, Joe Mistowski, Harriet Mistowski, Pat Jupka, Dennis Jupka, Tom Carter, Corwin Ersness and Gary Temple.

Left to right: Bill Schindele, Tom Milkovich, Joe Mistowski, Tom Carter, Harriet Mistowski, Pat Jupka, Dennis Jupka, Corwin Ersness and Gary Temple.

Left to right: Joe Mistowski, Dave Dwyer, Bill Schindele, Harriet Mistowski, Tom Milkovich, Dennis Jupka and Pat Jupka.

Left to right: Bill Schindele, Tom Milkovich, Joe Mistowski, Tom Carter, Harriet Mistowski, Corwin Ersness, Pat Jupka, Gary Temple and Dave Dwyer.

Dave Dwyer

Left to right: Tom Carter, Dennis Jupka and Gary Temple

"And Cal Ersness comes home ... "

Left to right: Joe Mistowski, Bill Schindele, Tom Milkovich and Corwin Ersness.


June 10, 2016

Just got a call from Towski, there will be a service for Cal Ersness in Bozeman on the 17th or 18 of this month. Specific plans to be announced. Joe will be in Montana on Sunday, June 12 so call him on his cell phone.

March 23, 2016

Joe Mistowski called with a heavy heart to inform me of the passing of Cal Ersness. All they know for now is he has been cremated and his brother was going to North Carolina to bring him back for a future ceremony. As information is given we will pass it on.



Commentary only:

The other day I had a telephone conversation with a fraternity brother and his wife about memories. I can speak from experience of having a very good time in college but also developing wonderful friendships. Little would we realize how important these friendships would be come later in life.

After one telephone conversation, the brother on the other end exclaimed how he just had to tell me how important those fraternity years were to him. I gulped and thought of how my one sister in law’s husband just snarls when he sees me walk over to his real brother to have a conversation. He does not understand the importance of the fraternity relationship we all had.

To this day I am very proud of the fact how I can pick up the telephone to call my big brother. After months of not visiting we take right off again. Life was and is still very good. Glt


Tom Messick (1934-2014)

I just read in the paper this morning about the passing of Tom Messick. My first memory of Tom Messick was through DeMolay and Masonic Lodge in Bozeman where I got to know him. Also for many years he was the head of the Career Placement Office at Montana State University. When I was attempting to get myself prepared for the job market I consulted with him. He told me to take at least two Commerce heading courses thus he could let me use the services of the Career Placement Office as I was not a Commerce major. Tom and Teri were just great people and have the greatest children. During summer quarter of my senior year I house sat their home for one month. He always met you with a great big smile and sincerity.

Again while reading the paper in 2006, I found out where Tom and Teri had been riding with another couple in a car coming back from White Sulphur Springs. The two men were in the front seat and the ladies were in the back. Tragically while coming down the road a truck turned left and they t-boned it whereby even with the two women in seat belts they were killed from the impact.

Walking into the hospital his first response was even after all of the car crash business was, "Sure it took this for you to come see me."

He always looked out for the house and I am sure there were in the past history many differences of opinion about the course of the house with him. But still he was just a great person. glt


Memphis, Tenn. — Tom Messick passed away on Aug. 7, 2014, in Memphis, Tenn., with his children at his side.

He was born on July 6, 1934, to Claude H. and Katherine Messick and grew up in Edgar, Mont. Tom served his country in the Navy and retired with the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Coast Guard Reserves. He was a graduate of Montana State University and it was there he met and married Theresa “Teri” Johnson in 1959.

Teri predeceased him in 2006. For more than 20 years, Tom truly enjoyed working with students in his capacity as the Career Placement Director at MSU. His pastimes included fishing, golfing and attending Bobcat football and basketball games. He was one of MSU’s greatest fans! Tom’s trademarks were his laughter, generosity and kindness to others. Mostly, his love for his family is how he’ll be remembered. Tom leaves his daughter, Vickie (Mike) Morrissey and his son, Steve (Liz) Messick; his five grandchildren, Andy, Dan, Kate, Sean and Amber; and his sisters, Sue (Don) Cahill and Betty (Herb) Kindsfater. A private celebration of Tom’s life will be held at a later date.

Robert Harold “Bob” Wilson
(1947 - 2014)

Robert Harold "Bob" Wilson, 66, of Townsend, passed away unexpectedly at his home Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014. He was born to A.H. "Harold" and Marie A. "Toni" (Milesnick) Wilson Oct. 25, 1947 in Bozeman. Bob was raised in the Gallatin Gateway area, graduated from Bozeman High School in 1966. He attended Montana State University after his graduation from high school. Bob and Shirley Scalese were married at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Cut Bank, Mont. on June 12, 1971.

Bob took over the family ranch operation in the Gallatin Gateway area in 1969. Throughout his ranching and farming career, Bob was introduced to a number of challenges. He and Shirley sold the ranch in the Gallatin Gateway area and moved to Big Timber in December 1978. There they experience a severe drought and grasshopper infestation. They moved to St. Maries, Idaho in 1990, where they were flooded out prior to moving to Townsend in May 2000 where the Toston-Maudlaw fire presented them another challenge. Through those crisis's, Bob stepped up and met all of them with his head held high, his faith and hard work ethic helped him perceiver. It seemed as though he was comfortable in any situation, where he would take the leadership role in any crisis, community event or challenge for his family, a neighbor, friend or community.

For those who may not have known Bob, he was not just a farmer, but a person of the community, a kind, gentle man, a steward of the land, a man of great integrity and a man of his word. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather and best friend who never knew a stranger.

Bob's favorite time of the year was harvest. He believed in hard work but also believed in playing hard. He assisted his wife in the quilt shop, especially during the annual sale. John Deere green and yellow was not the only colors in his spectrum.

While living in the Gallatin Gateway area, he served as president of the Volunteer Fire Department. He was a member of the Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Townsend, the Elks Lodge in St. Maries, Idaho, a Board member of Rocky Mountain Supply and Board member of Montana Energy Alliance.

His hobbies were farming, bowling, being papa to four wonderful grandsons, World War II books and movies and traveling.

He was preceded in death by his father. He is survived by his wife, Shirley of Townsend; his daughters, Nancy Wilson of Townsend, and Vicki Wilson of East Helena; his mother, Marie A. "Toni" Thompson of Bozeman; sisters, Connie Robohn of Spokane, Wash., Carol Martin of St. Maries, Idaho; grandchildren, Riley Wilson, Shayden Wilson, David Wilson and Jared Toney. He is also survived by many cousins, aunts, nieces, nephews and friends.


December 22, 2013

Hi All,

Its been so long since I wrote, its been a pretty crazy life. Its been great to receive the updates and hear about your lives.

I was pretty sick for some years in there. It was a lot of struggle to get through the worst of it. I went down hard in '96 and spent many years in bed struggling to survive. My health is very good now, the medications work well and have few side effects now, and my system has rebounded well. I am left with a low energy level, far below other people my age. So I have not been able to return to work, but am able to take a class or see friends for dinner. I can travel as long as I'm cautious how I spend my energy budget. When you don't hear from me, its not a lack of interest, but a lack of energy. I just can't begin to keep up with all I want to do.

I live near San Francisco. I chose this for the medical care for my condition. But I love it too. I live near hills and open space to walk in. I need some wild land near me, it must be my rural roots. I suffocate trying to live in a tall building. But I love the things a city has to offer too, and this is one wacky city. I love the kinds of theater and talks and people and ideas you can hear, and the foods from around the world. This city is tolerant of many kinds of people, and you can find your own. I lived in LA for some years after Bozeman. LA was love/hate for me. I loved the opportunities, but the city was hard for me to live in. The bay are is a better fit for me.

I am dating someone now, Rick and I have been together about 2 years. We're having a lot of fun. We're going to Hawaii in January, and Spain in April. Its been a long time since I dated. I have someone to play with and am taking full advantage. We went to Europe a year and a half ago. There were lots of days when I couldn't get out of bed, just needing to rest. Rick has learned to make sure I have food, and then head out on his own for a while, then back to share what he saw. I don't see everything, but I see a lot more than if I stayed home. In Spain we'll travel slowly, with options for down days. Rick is patient and kind and easygoing, with similar interests, we seem to have fun wherever we go. We laugh a lot, with lots to talk about. It makes the down times easier to handle.

I didn't raise any children, that just didn't work out. I gave a child up for adoption when I was in high school. I searched for her some years later, and we are good friends. She has a husband and 3 gorgeous smart daughters, the oldest turns 16 today. The relationship is different than being a Mom and Grandmother, but it is fun. It is so great to be able to watch them grow, to know that they are all ok. I just wonder how my daughter can be 43 when I feel like I'm 45 (until I look in the mirror).

I'm sorry for not writing sooner. I can just barely keep up with my life as it is. Then last year, late November, I broke my right arm (that's a good excuse, right?). I had surgery for plates and pins, and got a frozen shoulder (its a bad thing). I couldn't drive my stick shift car until April. I got the shoulder thawed about late May. Rick was a great help to me then, I don't know what I would have done.

So my life has been crazy, but very full and fun too. I've had interesting jobs and traveled a lot. Its all in the attitude. Fun is where you find it.

So love and holiday cheers to you all!

Dorothy (Kleffner)

October 25, 2013

Rich and Nora Abbott were here for a nice visit but it was a needed visit to work on my database program for the gallery. We had a great time and are planning a June, 2014, visit to Yellowstone National Park.

Kind of a humorous story evolved around how we had told some of our local friends how certain brothers were just like the ones in the movie "Animal House." For example and obviously, John Belushi was definitely Joe Mistowski. So some friends asked me about Rich Abbott and I had to think for a moment. Finally I said, " Well he was the Chapter President but did not become a gynecologist."

Rich brought the 1972 composite photograph of the house. If you would like to print out a high resolution image for your own use, click here.

September 14, 2013

Kathy and Randy Killorn were here at the gallery for a really nice visit. They are now retired and live north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota in Finnish country.

September 6, 2013

Theodore “Ted” Justus Benson, age 74, passed away on Sunday, September 1, 2013 at the Eastern Montana Veterans Home in Glendive, Montana. A Memorial Service with Masonic Rites will be held at 10:00 A.M. on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at The Soldier’s Chapel in Big Sky, Montana with Chaplain Cliff Gronneberg officiating. Interment with military honors will follow in The Soldier’s Chapel Cemetery in Big Sky. A reception for family and friends will be held at 2:00 P.M. on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at the Bozeman Lodge at1547 North Hunters Way in Bozeman. Silvernale-Silha Funeral Home of Glendive has been entrusted with the arrangements.
Ted was born on October 10, 1938 in Bozeman, the son of William and Lois (Webber) Benson. Ted grew up in Billings, Montana through his junior year in high school. The family returned to Bozeman where he graduated from Gallatin County High School in 1956. Ted attended Montana State College in Bozeman and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 1961.

Ted was a member of the Delta Sigma Phi and “Les Bouffons” fraternities. During college Ted met the love of his life, Jo Ann Crawley and they were united in marriage on December 28, 1960. Ted was sworn in to the United States Army National Guard by his father, who was the regimental commanding officer. He enrolled in the ROTC program, graduating as a 2nd Lieutenant. He became stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky and later at Fort Ord, California where he worked as a tank commander. Ted returned to Bozeman after the birth of their first child, Theodore, Jr. and soon after, Michael was born.

While living in Bozeman, Ted worked for J & E Market and Heeb’s Market as the assistant manager. In 1969, he began his career at Montana State University as the Assistant Director of Financial Aid, and also assisting with all the events at the Fieldhouse and Stadium. He later retired in November of 1995 after 26 years. In 1998, Ted retired from the National Guard with over 41 years of service! Ted was very active in his sons’ endeavors and he also loved being able to watch his grandsons in all of their sport activities.

Ted was also very involved in his community and helping it grow. He was a member of the Optimist Club for over 40 years and was in charge of running the Christmas tree lot. He was a member of the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, the Mizpah Shrine, Masonic Lodge #18, and the Chamber of Commerce/Military Affairs. Ted will always be remembered as a great example to everyone concerning the importance of serving others. Ted had a great sense of humor, he enjoyed playing cribbage, listening to Paul Harvey and socializing.

He was preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Betty Simpson. Ted is survived by his wife of 52 years, Jo Ann of Bozeman; two sons, Theodore (Jackie) Benson, Jr. of Winder, Georgia and Michael (Kathy) Benson of Glendive; two grandsons, Bryan and Bryce Benson; one step-granddaughter, Stacey (Gavin) Lennan; two step-great-grandchildren, Jameea and Brayden; one sister, Peggy Evans of Globe, Arizona; two brothers, William (Sue) Benson Jr. of Bozeman and Scott Benson of West Yellowstone, Montana and numerous nieces and nephews.
Remembrances and condolences may be shared with the family at:

July 23, 2013

Not the best news but a couple of brothers have had losses. Debbie Palmer told me Brad's mother, passed away on July 6, 2013 and did not want a ceremony. Sometime this week the family is going to have a private memorial. She was just one of those special people one encounters in their lives.

As well a significant chapter patriarch in my life, Stan Milesnick, passed away on July 21, 2013. The funeral will be in Bozeman at the Catholic Church on Main Street at 10:00 A.M. on Friday, July 26, 2013. The internment will follow at the cemetery on the east end of Bozeman with a reception at the Best Western Gran Tree Inn at 12:30 P. M..

I found the following article from 2011 about Stan Milesnick. I can remember him telling about stopping in villages to confiscate any weapons and finding beautiful shotguns from the villagers. They then had to pile them up and drive over them with a tank.

Stan was just such a special part of my life for with he and Joyce I got to know Ted, Tom, Sue, Sally and Jan. Cherished memories of such wonderful people who became the fruits of their hard work.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
July 16, 2011

Belgrade's Stan Milesnick Receiveds Army's Distinguished Service Cross

By Andy Malby, Belgrade News

Stan Milesnick is a modest man. His "extraordinary heroism" in the Battle of the Bulge earned him the second-highest decoration a member of the U.S. Army can receive - the Distinguished Service Cross, which only 14 Montanans have received. The award will be pinned on him next week, nearly 67 years after the fact.

But modest Milesnick says accounts of how he earned the distinction are "dressed up." People who know what took place at the Battle of the Bulge, though, say otherwise. According to the U.S. Army, Milesnick went hand to hand with a German tank during a critical skirmish in the Bulge and led his troops through two days of furious battle. And, in spite of being wounded, he refused to withdraw until his men were out of harm's way."Ignoring intense machine gun fire from a German tank spearheading a strong infantry-tank attack upon his company's position, Captain Milesnick, armed with a rocket launcher, fired five rockets at point blank range, knocking the tank out of action," according to a narrative accompanying Milesnick's long-overdue citation. "Though suffering from a severe wound, he personally directed the laying of anti-tank mines, thus strengthening his vital cross roads position against a renewal of the German attack.

"When the attack materialized on the following morning, he directed his company in holding off the superior group until forced to call for artillery fire less than 20 yards to his front," the citation says."Shortly thereafter he skillfully withdrew what remained of his company and only then consented to be evacuated. By his outstanding courage and indomitable spirit, Captain Milesnick exemplified the highest traditions of the military service."

To hear Milesnick tell the story, it really was no big deal. Yes, he fired a bazooka at the approaching German tank, but there was not time to get off five shots, he said. One was plenty anyhow."You can't operate a bazooka that way," he said. "It takes time to reload. As close as we were, that tank would have been way down the line" before five shots were fired. "The media, they dressed it up a little."

"The media" was New York Times reporter Harold Denny, whose story about the incident was datelined "With American Forces on the Western Front, Dec. 30, 1944." Of Milesnick, he wrote: "At one critical moment he fought a personal duel with at Marx V2 tank. He picked up a bazooka that had been dropped by a wounded man and fired five rounds at the tank while it sprayed around him with machine gun bullets but somehow failed to hit him." Denny's report in the Times is titled, "U.S. Battalion's Stand Saves Regiment, Division and Army." It is the story of how Milesnick's battalion stood its ground despite dwindling numbers, waning ammunition supplies and no backup and repelled a three-day onslaught by German tanks and infantry."This dispatch ... is a round-by-round account of the crucial role that this battalion played in averting a Belgrade’s Stan Milesnick receives Army’s Distinguished Service Cross -... disastrous defeat in this greatest battle in American history," Denny wrote from the front lines.

It was Dec. 17, 1944, on a frozen, snow-covered plain in eastern Belgium, very near the German border. Then-1st Lt. John Stanley Milesnick, 23, had recently received a battlefield promotion to commander of Company B, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2d Infantry Division. His captain, reported in Denny's account as a casualty, actually had been relieved of duty because of "fatigue.""He gave up," the 89-year-old Milesnick said in an interview Wednesday, adding that weeks of miserable conditions were probably to blame. "We were trying to get through the Siegfried line and were walking through eight to ten inches of snow," Milesnick said. "We crossed a creek that was 12 to 14 inches deep, and our feet were wet and there was no way to dry them. It was like that for days. A lot of men got trenchfoot. A lot of the casualties in the Battle of the Bulge were foot problems."

On Dec. 17, Milesnick, accompanied by an artillery observer, a radio operator, a mail clerk and a reporter from Stars and Stripes, learned that the Germans were mobilizing "a bunch of tanks" and moving on Allied positions near the town of Rocherath. "At the time the order was given to stand our ground at all costs," he said. "We had nothing to work with other than rifles, machine guns and 60-mm mortars. We didn't have anything to stop tanks with. Some bazookas just showed up, but we didn't know what they would do."

Milesnick's Company B was holed up near a crossroads southeast of Rocherath. The tanks arrived in a column of five, accompanied by German infantry, and Milesnick's men began taking them out, he said. The first was doused in gasoline and ignited. The second withstood a bazooka round but succumbed to a string of land mines. "The third one was dead," he said. "The hatch was open and the crew was gone." The fourth V2 continued rolling toward the company, covering German infantry and spraying machine gun fire at Milesnick and his men. It was no more than 20 feet away now."The regimental supply handed me a bazooka and two rounds of ammo," Milesnick said. "I hit it and it stopped dead. The hatch flew open and the crew went out on the opposite side." The fifth tank stopped and began backing up, he said. "I loaded the bazooka and handed it to the mail clerk. He stopped it dead and that crew evacuated, too."

That night, the Germans came again, he said. The onslaught lasted through Dec. 18, and it wasn't until all his men were evacuated that Milesnick left the battlefield for a Paris hospital, 36 hours later. Milesnick has an explanation about his modesty. "We were pinned down and couldn't discuss it," he said. "I didn't jump up and down and say, I shot a tank! I shot a tank! It (the situation) was too hot and we were too busy. I was written up in Stars and Stripes for being modest." Modesty aside, what he and his company accomplished during those two days of fighting is remarkable, others said.

"He is responsible for saving two infantry divisions - two divisions," said Hank Adams, a retired Army colonel and Milesnick family friend who helped orchestrate Thursday's medal ceremony. Adams explained that Milesnick's Company B and the rest of the 2nd Infantry Division were sent to the Bulge to "chill out for a while" after months of heavy fighting. "Little did they know Germany was going to send their first winter offensive since Frederick the Great right through them." That offensive was launched by Germany's 12th SS Panzer Division - "about as good as the Germans had at the time," Adams said. "They weren't exactly people who were going to surrender."
Milesnick's company, he added, "bashed itself into the 12th SS Panzer Division. They were continually harassing the flanks of the 12th."If not for them, (the Germans) would have gotten a lot farther" on their march on Antwerp, where the Allies had an important supply base, Adams said. "They would have cut between the (Allied) forces." And Milesnick, as commander of Company B, "did what most commanders did - he held his ground and did whatever he could to slow those people down," Adams said. "He was very young and he did a good job."

Milesnick learned in 1945 that he would receive the Distinguished Service Cross, but it never happened. Stationed in Texas after the fall of Europe, having been promoted to Captain, he learned he had earned the necessary points to be discharged. But a colonel approached him about re-enlisting and going to fight in Japan, he said. In return, he was promised a promotion to Major and a Distinguished Service Cross. "For anybody thinking about getting to the Army as a career, that was a pretty juicy offer, especially at my age," he said.

But Milesnick's father needed help on the ranch, and Milesnick had a life to live. Besides, he said, "I had done my part, seen enough action." He declined the colonel's offer, and "the colonel drove off in his jeep and I never saw him again." Leaving the Army is a decision Milesnick hasn't regretted. He returned to Belgrade, married Joyce, and settled into the life of a rancher. They bought the ranch from his parents and built an Angus brand. He retired in 1989 and turned the operation over to his son, Tom. He looks upon his life fondly."I had an exciting military life," he said. "I've had such a nice life. I have a good wife. We've done well, raised five kids. "I think I did the right thing by getting out of the Army," he added. "All in all, I've been a happy rancher."

Montana National Guard officials are busy preparing for Thursday's ceremony for Milesnick, a spokeswoman said Thursday. Col. Nikki DeWolf said she is working on the program for the event, which kicks off at 1 p.m. at the Gallatin Readiness Center (Belgrade armory) east of Gallatin Field airport. A number of dignitaries will be on hand, though DeWolf said she didn't have the list available Thursday afternoon. What is known is that Milesnick's grandson, also named John Stanley Milesnick, will pin the Distinguished Service Cross on his grandfather's WWII-vintage uniform jacket.

Also known is that Russ Nelson, the mayor of Belgrade, where Milesnick has been a lifelong resident, will honor him as well. "I'm going to read a proclamation and present him the key to the city," he said. The proclamation, which Nelson signed at last Monday's meeting of the city council, proclaims Thursday as "John Stanley Milesnick Day" in Belgrade. "...I, Russell C. Nelson, Mayor of the City of Belgrade, do hereby proclaim July 21, 2011 as John Stanley Milesnick Day, in recognition of the awarding of the Distinguished Service Cross and Mr.
Milesnick's meritorious service in World War II," the proclamation states.

June 11, 2013

Saw Jim Dusenberry at a little family get together for his brother's new grandson. He and I were talking about Jim Weaver, does anyone know his whereabouts?

Also note Brad Sherman has headed east, please note his new contact information.

Rich and Nora Abbott have been "flying" through this area from time to time.

Have not heard a word from Mike Judge who we suspect went to Arizona.

As like everyone, saw Becky Mackin Slayton at Costco. She told me how Ron has now gotten engaged in team roping when they spend their January's in Hawaii.

We missed the Milkovich branding and have heard no news or photos.

May 7, 2013

For the past five springs I have documented with my camera some local brandings. Each time they always make me smile and think of my first branding at the Milesnick ranch in 1970. I can remember fondly the work and the smells but more importantly it was the people.
Ted brought me into a world of loving and caring individuals who were molded by two wonderful parents. From the joking in the corrals to the badgering at the table, no one was neglected from the warm glow of friendship at the Milesnick’s. glt

November 1, 2012

I just got a message left on our telephone this morning from Joe Mistowski, as
Marylee and I were out in the treestand. He said to be
sure and tell everyone they are doing fine.

October 8, 2012

Just got this email from Mark Anderson, here are some of his comments from his email to me.

"Hello Gary,  
Thanks so much for mailing me the DSP photo gallery. I do really appreciate it as I have often thought of you all since I left for another college back in 1974. Glad to know that most of us are still alive and well. Thought it is high time I email you a photo of myself and my beloved wife, Pam, taken just a week ago. YITBOS, Mark

Margie and Tom Mattice

From Jim Ausk

Another flash from David Benz. When he was a freshman at Roskie Hall in 1967, his RA
was Jim Weaver who recruited him. David lived in the house from 1969
to 1970. He roomed one year with Ron Carlson.

Left to right: Chuck Kimbrough, Jean Benz, Nancy Kimbrough, and Dave Benz.

March 30, 2012

Bob Helmer as of 2002, the photograph is a copy from a printout but it is surely Bob.
As he describes himself as a widower, three bouts of cancer and no teeth. glt

March 22, 2012

Through a comedy of errors on my part we finally got the contact
information for Tom Mattice.

Here he is in Breckenridge, Colorado at 11,000 feet on Peak7.

Margie and Tom Mattice

Tom Mattice enjoying the snow, the hot tub should be very, very close.

Ala Tom Mattice today.

March 19, 2012

I did get ahold via telephone, Bob Helmer who does not have a cell phone or email. He is a
widow and has gone through three episodes, if you will, of cancer. I asked
him to send a current photograph and he is going to attempt to find one. Overall he
was the same old Bob Helmer and sounded good. glt

March 17, 2012

Stopped by Wolf Creek, Montana to visit with Maury and Kathy Hamill after along time to say the least.

Left to right: Maury Hamill, Kathy Hamill, Marylee Moreland and Gary Temple.

March 17, 2012

Somppi just emailed me about the two hidden faces in the group photograph in front of the house. He thinks it is very likely 1971.
He could not remember the guy in the back row with glasses but the Phi Delt he believes was Timothy Miles.

March 3, 2012

News flash as Somppi contacted me. Back row is his daughter, Ariel and her husband, Aaron. Front row left to right: Daughter in law to
be, Sophie, Jack, Vicki Somppi and their son, Ian Somppi.

March 1, 2012

Ah yes, now we have the "mystery lady" of record. Brad and Debbie Palmer joined
us to scope out an antique sale in Livingston. Good to see them.

March 1, 2012

Well, I am behind as I need to send a letter to Pete Nyquist as he does not have email. Still living near
Glasgow, divorced and a couple of kids. Hopefully get this letter off soon. glt

Got the address for Pete Nyquist and will call him tonight. glt

Pending News Flash!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jim and Jo Ausk

Sunday, January 29, 2012

We just had Jim Ausk call me with his email and will be sending photographs. He was known
as "Oscar." Jim worked at the Sarpy Creek Coal Mine and retired two years ago.
He has a daughter in Glendive and a son in Seattle.

Jim was not sure if he could remember me or not even though I told him about
the pledge who could not get the handle on whist. I also remembered him getting swatted
by Jo when they kissed when is lip was full of snoose.glt

Joe and Harriet Mistowski back in the Big Sky in January, 2012.

Mike McClurg joins us.

Left to right: Gary Temple, Joe Mistowski, Harriet Mistowski, Marylee Moreland and Mike McClurg

Joe and Harriet Mistowski sent this Christmas letter from Mark Anderson.

New photographs from Lloyd and Mary Ann Baker.

Mary Ann and Lloyd Baker

Mary Ann and Lloyd Baker

Mike McClurg

Some more information from Dennis Dellwo. Also check out how we got information about
Lloyd Baker from Towski. Baker told me he had been at the same address for thirty years,
then maybe he should have contacted us............ Oh well, good to hear from him!!!


November 26, 2011

Bill Dietrich and his two shirts......

November 25, 2011

Isabel and Greg Schiff

November 21, 2011

Left to right: Cathy Dellwo, their daughter, Elizabeth, and Dennis Dellwo.

Doug and Debbie Morrison

November 19, 2011

Dennis Dellwo came through with a picture but not one yet of his family but I think we will get it soon.

November 16, 2011

Just got ahold of Denny Dellwo and his information is updated with a promise
to send a photograph.

Randy Biehl called me and during our conversation he felt the person we labeled as
Mel Hamilton in the 1971 photograph in front of the house was someone else.
Any ideas out there?

You know after repeated emails they do respond. The latest as you will see is Mark
Cameron. Randy Biehl called and he will be providing some photographs soon.

Mark Cameron

Left to right: Mark Cameron, his wife, Lucrecia, and their granddaughter, Madelyn.

Another flash, talked with Debbie Morrison, wife of Doug Morrison so we should have some more
information shortly.

Another flash from Gary Shelton and his family.

Left to right: Gary Shelton, Sterling Shelton [Age:6], Lesli Shelton, Garren Shelton [Age: 2],
and Payton Shelton. Payton Shelton is now in college.

Bill Dietrich is now on the board!! Also Greg Schiff and Mark Cameron. All
promising to send a photograph as well.

Here is another one!

Doug and Eleanor Parker

Well here is another one, I got the contact information for Bill Lewis. Give him a shout!

Well Bleth definitely gets the award this week for this photograph.

Doug Parker!!!

Doug Parker just called and gave me his current information. He worked for PPL in Colstrip for about six years with Tom Olson. Then in 1991, he moved out to Oregon where he worked as an engineer for Portland General Electric. He and his wife have four kids who all are around the Oregon area. He is retired now and thinking about possibly coming back to Montana.

Also, Bleth told me about Doug Morrison living in Worland, Wyoming so I found his address and telephone number. We will get his email as well. Apparently he has lived in Worland for about twenty years or so, according to Bleth.

October 29, 2011

Well, the news flashes continue. First, Ted Milesnick showed up on Wednesday here at the gallery and we had a great time as always.

From there I went on with information from Ted to then contact Bob Wilson who is in Townsend. Currently he does not have email but will get it going again. He and Shirley have lived near Townsend for about ten years. They have two daughters, one in Townsend and one in East Helena. They also have three grandsons. Shirley runs a quilt shop in Townsend. Bob does not have cattle right now but still has a farming operation.

Then Bob brought up some other names such as Jim Weaver who is retired in Missoula, Tom Lowman who is in Florida. Tom Lowman's brother , Ben recently passed away. Bob then told me about Ray Schmidt who he believes is in Miles City. Ray was before my time but I am going to contact him as well. There is still the usual ones contacted who do not respond but this is there decision.

Finally got the right telephone number for Tom Milesnick and called him. As well got his correct email address. Say, I went to the Milesnick Ranch website and found some photographs, here we go:

Tom and Mary Kay Milesnick from their site.

Tom Milesnick

Stan Milesnick on horseback. Stan will turn 90 next year in 2012.

October 22, 2011

Will wonders never cease!!

Tom and Jean Olson in 2009 visiting there son in China.

October 17, 2011

Brenda Gallup Whitaker called me this afternoon. Jackson Gallup, her husband passed away on March 15, 2003 from stomach cancer.

Just for a little bit of background on Jackson. He spent his freshman year at West Point and then decided to continue on at Montana State University. After graduating he went on to school at the University of Arizona Law School where he graduated with honors. During law school he was in the Army National Guard as a miliatary policeman. He and Brenda met in 1973 when Jackson was studying for his bar exam and they were married in 1975. They lived in Tucson for thirty years where he practiced law specializing in labor and estate planning. He also received his LLM in tax law from the University of Denver. They have two children, Rich and Taryan. Rich is in Tucson and is a production manager for a coffee company. Taryan is in New York where she is an attorney. His widow Brenda retired as a second grade teacher. She is now remarried as of September 10, 2011 as Brenda Gallup Whitaker and would invite any calls or emails. She will be sending me some photographs to post of their lives together.


October 16, 2011

Another news flash, the Schanz's came through with a picture as well.

October 14, 2011

Jim Dusenberry and I just figured out how to spell as we did not have Les Pederson's last name right. He is in Helena and we are awaiting his contacting me.

Talked with Terry Nugent today, graduated in 1969. He and his wife have lived in Townsend, Montana for about thirty years and are both retired school teachers. They are now teaching in pre-school. glt

This is Terry and Laurie Nugent dancing in front of their entire apple orchard--one apple.

Terry Nugent said he would get Bob Wilson's information, graduated in 1969.

Jim Dusenberry and Gary Temple
September 3, 2011


Tom Olson stopped in to say he could not meet with us for he and Jean were watching the Cat game but promised to come back with a photograph for this page.


We saw Jim and Marilyn Dusenberry in Bozeman at our niece's wedding, Desta Dusenberry the daughter of Gerry Dusenberry, Jim's brother. Soon I should have a photograph of he and I at the wedding.

Also, Jim Dusenberry told me Les Pederson was in Helena where he owned a nursery about a year ago or so. We will follow up on this one as well.

Jim told me he thought Pete Nyquist had been teaching in Townsend.

Jim, said he thought Jackson Gallup had been an attorney in the military after school and we are going to search this out as well.

Jim, also several years had seen Doug Parker who was working in Helena. Now his status is unknown.



Left photograph: Rich and Nora Abbott stopped by the gallery while traveling through here for some family business. Nothing changed just the same great guy we all remembered from before.

Right photograph left to right: Gary Temple, Mike Judge and Rich Abbott

Not to be outdone, Judge is a photogenic animal to say the least!! Seriously you might remember he was Rich's little brother in the house with lots of stories and giggles. We had a great evening of just being back together. Mike Judge is going to move to Mesa, Arizona sometime this fall but will appear in the nice months back here in Montana.

Mike Judge and his friend, Elvie White

I am telling you right now the front row of the above photograph is much better looking than the back row.
Left to right in the back is Gary Temple, Mike Judge and Rich Abbott.
Left to right in the front is Elvie White, Marylee Moreland, and Nora Abbott.

Further clarification: I had one email asking me to take him off of my overall mailing list. Please note, unless you ask me individually to add
you to our regular email newsletter list your email will not be used in any other area of our business. glt

August 18, 2010

Well look who came through, actually I think it was Becky Slayton.

Becky Slayton on the left, their daughter, Julianne Slayton Hall, and Ron on the right at their
daughter's swearing in ceremony into the Colorado Supreme Court. Their daughter is now
practicing law in Boise, Idaho.

Ron and his son, James who is a civil engineer with KLJ Engineering in Helena, Montana.

August 17, 2010

Commentary first from the webmaster. Here we go again with "Oh yes I am going to send or get you photographs............Uh huh." Let's see now this includes Ron Grammens, "Joe Cool" Slayton and his wife, "Steamer" Stevens guilty as charged, and oh yes "Rabbit" Abbett as well. Now Becky did assure me she was going to bring Ron Slayton down to the gallery for some free coffee. While he will be down here sipping away we will also take him downstairs and get a portrait taken. He still cleans up pretty good.

Looky, looky here!!!!

Kathy and Randy Killorn on the Beartooth Pass here in Montana.

July, 2010

July 9, 2010

Sandy and Joe Poirier

July 8, 2010

Was talking with Rich Abbott today. Then later I called Stan Stevens because we could not remember how to spell Joe Poirier's last name. As usual, Stanley corrected us. Nothing has changed. I did a search on for Abbott thought he was in Oregon. Whamo there he was and I visited with his wife. Joe hopefully will be giving me a call later as he was gone to a meeting. See his information below. We are still looking for Doug Parker. glt

Another one, take a look at finding Randy Killorn.

H is a photograph of the Dennis and Pat Jupka brood. glt

Christmas 2009
Back Row, left to right: Keri Jupka, Dennis Jupka, Pat Jupka, and Brett Zanto
Front Row, left to right: Steve Swanson, Tucker Zanto, Tatum Zanto, Mandi Zanto. and Taylor Zanto.


July 7, 2010

Hey, hey, hey!!

Looky here who sent their photograph, John and Sue Bleth.

May 13, 2010

Found a picture of the Public Works Supervisor for the City of Colstrip, John Bleth. John called back and is going to ask Sue about coming back to Billings so they can ride up to us to Clyde Park. Not sure because they have been down a lot to Billings as John just had a double hernia surgery and is now recovering well. They have two grown daughters, one in Great Falls and one in Billings. They have five grandchildren. Sue taught for awhile and then with kids went on finally to work for Westmoreland Coal since 1982. She is in the finance area. John told me he would be sending a photograph of the two of them.

May 5, 2010
Just got the following from Colleen Biehl:
"The Biehl's have moved to Missoula. Randy is now employed by the Forest Service in Region One. He is a review appraiser. He is loving it. We still have our Bobcat plate on Randy's rig. We just moved into our house after being homeless for six months. Randy is building a utility room off the kitchen and Colleen is trying to fit everything in. Smaller home."

Milkovich residence
May 15, 2010

Left to right: Brad Palmer, Joe Mistowski and Brad Sherman
May 15, 2010

Left to right: Gary Temple, Harriett Mistowski and Brad Palmer

Mistowski comes to Montana to mow the lawn.

May 2, 2009

Left to right: Tom Milkovich, Mike Judge, Tom Carter, Harriett Mistowski, Joe Mistowski and Gary Temple.

May 3, 2009
Reviewing grandchildren, etc.
Left to Right: Tom Milkovich, Mary Embleton, Joe Mistowski and Harriett Mistowski.

May 3, 2009
Left to right: Tom Carter, Tom Milkovich, Joe Mistowski, Mike Judge, Marylee Moreland, and Gary Temple.
Seated left to right: Mary Embleton, Rose Judge and Harriett Mistowski.


Left to right: Mary Embleton, Harriett Mistowski, Joe Mistowski and Tom Carter.

Left to right: Mary Embleton, Harriett Mistowski and Tom Milkovich

Joe Mistowski and Tom Carter

Left to right: Harriett Mistowski, Tom Milkovich and Joe Mistowski

Left to right: Gary Temple, Rose Judge, Mike Judge, Marylee Moreland, Mary Embleton,
Tom Carter, Harriett Mistowski, Tom Milkovich and Joe Mistowski.

Not to be out done: Margi and Bill Schindele

August 4, 2006
Patti and Ted Milesnick at Machu Picu.

Harriet just sent us our Christmas Card and Easter Card combined.
Great looking family photograph.
Left to right: Paula, Harriett, Joe and Jon Mistowski
December 31, 2009

Sub SSN 722 Lieutenant Billy Schindele III

"Father-son and a day at sea out of Pearl Harbor. Seems like only yesterday I was teaching him to parallel park, now he drives a Sub." Bill Schindele

---Ben Lowman---

I found this obituary for Ben Lowman as follows:
Longtime Missoula resident Ben Lowman passed away Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2007.

Ben was born Sept. 4, 1946, to Delbert and Evelyn Lowman, in Hamilton.

A native Montanan, Ben grew up in Darby and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University. While in college, Ben spent several summers fighting wildfires as a smokejumper out of West Yellowstone.

Upon graduation, Ben served in the U.S. Army in the Vietnam War. For his valor in combat, Ben received three Bronze Stars, the Air Medal and the Purple Heart before returning to Colorado.

After his service in the military, Ben married the love of his life, Jan Sletten, April 8, 1972. The couple moved to Missoula and Ben began his career with the U.S. Forest Service, working at the Missoula Technology and Development Center as a mechanical engineer. After 30 years Ben retired from the Forest Service in 2001.

Ben was an avid outdoorsman spending every available moment pursuing his passions, which included fishing, hunting, horseback riding, ATV and snowmobiling.

Ben and Jan shared their time and home in Missoula with many horses, including Ben's favorite horse, Maverick, and their loving companion, Sport, their yellow lab. Ben drew incredible joy from guiding family and friends to the remote family cabin he built with friends, showing them a small piece of the splendor of Montana.

He is survived by his wife of 35 years, Jan Lowman; his son, Ron (Mandy) of Austin, Texas, and his daughter, Julie (Stuart) Wallace of Syracuse, Utah; his mother, Evelyn Lowman of Darby, his brother, Tom (Amy) Lowman of Oak Harbor, Wash. and sister, Nel (Jim) Buck of Hall; and several nieces and nephews. He is also remembered and will be missed by countless lifelong friends, and acquaintances who will remember his good humor and genuine kindness. There are men who can brighten a room, but Ben could brighten the skies of Montana.