Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Clark Bronson
Clark Everice Bronson was born in Kamas, Utah, in 1939. Clark Bronson was a wildlife artist in bronze sculpture and painting. "In early 1969, I made a drawing of a Mule Deer jumping over a log. I knew that if I could draw that Mule Deer, I could sculpt it. Suddenly there was a new world of art open to me, a world I had never considered before but one I knew could be completely creative in. In sculpture, just as in my wildlife painting, I had no one to teach me but myself." The son of a Utah game warden, Bronson was experienced with animals before he was the age of ten. When he graduated from high school, he won an art illustration "Draw Me" contest, took correspondence courses, and then studied at the University of Utah. He was an apprentice to Arnold Friberg for three years, until the Utah Fish and Game asked him to do illustrations. By the time he was thirty years old, his watercolors had been published in major magazines and he had illustrated four books. It took Bronson a year and a half to model his first four bronzes. He was a member of Society of Animal Artists, the National Sculpture Society, and the National Academy of Western Art. In the mid-1980's, Clark Bronson stopped sculpting and now lives in Alaska.
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