Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Ty Barhaug

Ty Barhaug was born in Cody, Wyoming on September 15, 1963. He was one of five children of Shirley and Dennis Barhaug. Dennis Barhaug was active in painting but supported his family primarily from carpentry. In his younger years, Ty worked as a framer in a local gallery which assisted him greatly with his composition and design on his paintings but also in his tastes as to framing. Over the years he has painted with such notable artists as Robert Pummill. Ty has been a full time artist since 1990. In addition to the wonderful artwork, all works done by Ty Barhaug also include his own custom framing that cannot be duplicated anywhere.

Barhaug has won numerous awards at prestigious art shows such as the Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale where he is a four-time winner of the Jurors' Choice Award and, in 1999, winner of the People's Choice Award, as well as the C.M. Russell Auction where he was winner of the 1999 Ralph "Tuffy" Berg Award. Barhaug has been featured in several magazines, including Art of the West, Southwest Art, and American Cowboy.

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