Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Joe Abbrescia (1936-2005)

Joe Abbrescia was born in New York in 1936. With the strong support of his family, he received training at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. While in the U. S. Army he served as an illustrator. Later he became a commercial artist for a major art studio in Chicago. Dominic and John Abbrescia joined him in 1965 in opening "The Village Art School" in Skokie, Illinois. Early on in the "good old days" of the Russell activities at the Heritage Inn there were the daily morning meetings. Joe was one of those artists who never hesitated to speak to you. Joe was there amongst the jabbing and cajoling during the minutes including the old and new business sections of each meeting. I can remember many times all of us walking out of the meeting in tears as we had been laughing so hard.

"Joe, we wish you well."

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